A Few Words About Us

Welcome to FMG Print Solutions!

Our company is here to meet both the need and desire of companies to connect with their communities on a partner level. We offer local print advertising options to best showcase local spirit and how much companies connect with families and schools. Customized, local print advertising is among the most cost effective ways to maintain your visibility and participation in the exact place where you and your employees live, work and play. Our products are all designed with relevance in mind, and keep you and your name in front of your customers all year long!

Our company was born in 2002 when we began in producing crime prevention, fire prevention, and community awareness promotional items for police/sheriff, fire departments, health departments and schools nationwide. Our roots are in public safety and even as we’ve grown, one of our primary missions is to use mass advertising as a vehicle for important safety communications. Over the years our business has evolved into a premier print advertising firm. We believe our posters and products are the best way to serve a community and its businesses- sharing a message and showcasing invested businesses!

FMG Print Solutions understands businesses are always searching for a way to advertise in a meaningful and effective way. Moving your business forward IS our business!

Charity Involvement

We Support The Texas Disabled Veterans Association

A portion of the advertising revenue from our Go-2-Guides go to support the Texas Disabled Veterans Association. The TDVA provides assistance to veterans seeking the benefits acquired through military service, provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and other local government and community agencies. There exists no more courageous an individual than an American Veteran. These individuals have risked all, and at times sustained physical, mental or emotional injuries, protecting our families and our freedoms. The Texas Disabled Veteran Association (TDVA) works as an advocate for all of these outstanding men and women. We commit ourselves to every level of these individual’s care and to the assurance of their service’s real and lasting rewards.